Endurance, Strength, Agility

Keeping Fit Outdoors

For Everybody

The ShapePark is open to everyone and suitable for all fitness levels – active athletes, beginners, couples, groups, families, children, or elderly people. The already beautiful location is further enhanced by trees, a natural trail, and lighting at night.

Scientifically Designed

The ShapePark combines scientifically designed exercises with jogging or walking on a circular trail. It promotes ideally balanced physical training for the entire body by offering a guided sequence of exercises that cleverly build up your body as you exercise and run from station to station. The concept is based on the successful ZURICH vitaparcours from Switzerland.

Great Variety – Easy Instructions

In the ShapePark, 15 individual exercise stations offering equipment are stationed along a 2.5 km trail. All exercises are illustrated at each station. They include: warm-up and cool-down stretches, arm, shoulder, abdominal and leg strengthening, cardio-vascular activities, agility, and balance exercises.

For Free, No Contract

You can train whenever and as often you like. You don’t have to pay anything. If you want to participate in free group training with a professional coach, please register for the group that suits you best.

A Non-Profit-Initiative

Promoting Health

The ShapePark was made possible by the municipality of Kfar Saba and the generous support of Thomas and Yvette Karger, JNF-KKL, ZURICH vitaparcours, and many more donors. Thanks to their commitment, the ShapePark could be built and equipped with lights and trees, relaxation corners, and drinking areas.

Our vision is to further enhance the ShapePark and training programs, for example to organize coaching for more groups that include beginners, different ages and fitness levels, and more hours. Become a supporter to help us sustain free group training sessions and develop the offering.

Testimonials By Friends of ShapePark

The track is fantastic, with diverse stations, and we really enjoy family recreation time, active and community oriented. The coach’s approach to children is commendable. He instills motivation and a real desire for activity. Thank you!

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