Endurance + Strength + Agility

The idea of the ShapePark goes back to the Swiss ZURICH vitaparcours. The idea combines walking/running trails with exercise stations, which are well instructed by iconographic signs, allowing any person to train on their own. The concept has been continuously improved in collaboration with the Federal Sports University in Magglingen in light of new developments in sports medicine. With the support of the life insurance company Vita, today part of the Zurich insurance group, 500 parcours have been established country-wide.

A Strong Swiss Background

The various exercise stations are set out and intended for use in the given order. Stretching exercises are recommended and explained before and after exercise at the start and end of the circuit. Each person can choose their own training program to suit individual needs.

In the tradition of ZURICH vitaparcours, the ShapePark combines scientifically designed exercises with jogging or walking. It provides an ideally balanced physical circular training circuit for the entire body. Every exercise has a color cue indicating a specific type of training:

  • Endurance (Green)
  • Strength (Red)
  • Mobility and Agility (Yellow)

First of its kind in Israel

The ShapePark in Kfar Saba is the first of its kind in Israel. Its creation was the initiative of Guido Guth, in memory of his dear friend Steven Karger. Guido engaged the support of the Kfar Saba municipality to build and maintain the park, acquired the support of the Swiss Vitaparcours foundation, and procured sponsors

Guido founded the non-profit-organization ShapePark Association (R.A.), which has taken on goals and responsibilities that are meaningful and significant to the community.

In addition to the Swiss concept, the ShapePark Association promotes affordable weekly group training sessions with professional coaches for different fitness levels and a variety of fitness programs.